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The Things That Can't Be Taken

Updated: Apr 22

Many aspects of life can be stripped away from us. We may face the loss of loved ones, our homes, and cars. Money, possessions, titles, and even our health can vanish with little to no warning. Incredibly, even in our country, the loss of freedom is a possibility. Indeed, there's scarcely anything in our lives that is immune to being lost in some way or another.

Yet, amidst all these potential losses, there are things that cannot be taken from us: our character, honor, and integrity. These remain under our control. No matter what else we may lose, our character can keep us from disgrace, provided we hold onto it. It is crucial to be vigilant and work hard to ensure this.

As a warrior, maintaining your character is paramount.

Never compromise your standards of character for anyone or anything. Upholding your character, honor, and integrity is not just a choice; it is a duty. This is the lifestyle of a true warrior.

Live like a warrior!

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