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Wednesday: The Test of Integrity: When No One is Watching

Today, let us confront one of life's greatest tests—the test of integrity when no one is watching. It will always be the moments when no one is watching that your true self will show. It is relatively easy to show honor, integrity, discipline, and other positive traits to impress others in order to gain positive feedback. People do this on a daily basis solely for the hope of positive reinforcement even though in reality this show of character is no more than a facade.

Let us be guided not by the fear of consequences but by the strength of our principles.

Remember,  that true integrity is not a show put on for the benefit of others. It is a deeply ingrained part of who we are, a guiding force that shapes our every decision and action. So, stand tall in the face of temptation, knowing that the true measure of your worth lies in the integrity of your character. Live Like A Warrior!      

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