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Happiness in Fulfillment

Updated: May 9

Achieving True Happiness

It is a very common, modern, human goal to achieve happiness. Happiness has a subjective meaning to every individual yet most can agree on the confusion of how to achieve it. To many people, achieving happiness means achieving a goal. “If I can just do this, then I’ll be happy”. “If I can just get in shape, I’ll be happy.” “If I can just make over X amount of money this month, I'll be happy.” This is more than likely something that even you have said to yourself at one point or another. In simple terms, everyone has something that they can see in the future that will allow them to achieve happiness. However, this type of thinking is the exact mindset that keeps most people unhappy. 

Future Anticipation 

Expanding on the concept of relying solely on future achievements for happiness, it's essential to recognize that this mindset can lead to a perpetual cycle of chasing contentment. Consider the scenario of setting a weight loss goal: "Once I lose 30 pounds, then I'll finally be happy." While reaching this milestone may initially bring satisfaction, it often proves to be short-lived. Soon after achieving the goal, the euphoria fades, and you find yourself searching for the next milestone to attain happiness. This pattern resembles a treadmill of anticipation, where the pursuit of future achievements becomes an endless cycle. 

To illustrate further, imagine simply trying to satisfy your hunger craving. Would it be reasonable to think that eating one sandwich would permanently alleviate your hunger or that drinking one glass of water would forever quench your thirst? Just as our physiological needs require continual nourishment and hydration, so too does our emotional well-being demand ongoing attention and fulfillment. Happiness, like hunger, isn't a one-time fix; it's an ongoing journey that requires sustained effort and nourishment. It's not about reaching a magical destination of satisfaction but rather embracing the process and finding joy in the everyday experiences that enrich our lives.

Made to Work

Isn't it fascinating that in the story of Adam and Eve, before anything else, before the creation of Eve or any other instructions, God gave Adam the job of tending the Garden of Eden? Even before companionship or leisure, God entrusted Adam with meaningful work. It has been apparent since the beginning of human history that people are made to work. Relying on future goals for happiness, as we've discussed, often leads to a perpetual search for fulfillment. However, anchoring our happiness in present, meaningful work offers a concrete gauge of our well-being. The consistent pursuit of a goal is pivotal for maintaining happiness. Having a meaningful objective to strive for each day provides a constant source of satisfaction, ultimately fostering a continuous source of happiness.

Balance and Fulfillment

While it's crucial to have goals and aspirations for the future, it's equally important to find fulfillment in the present moment. Striving for future achievements can provide direction and motivation, but it shouldn't overshadow the value of enjoying the journey and finding happiness in the here and now. By striking a balance between pursuing long-term goals and appreciating the meaningful work and experiences of today, we can cultivate a more sustainable and fulfilling sense of happiness. After all, happiness isn't just about reaching the destination; it's about finding joy and satisfaction in the steps we take along the way. Live for the journey! Live Like A Warrior!

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